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amanda Parker, m.ed, bcba 


Amanda began her career working in in-home based ABA programs in 1998.  After seeing the success her clients were making, she decided to pursue a master's degree in special education along with her BCBA, and start one of the first Verbal Behavior-based ABA schools in the midwest. For over twenty years Amanda has successfully directed ABA programs while researching scientifically-based methods for treating children with ASD.  In her research, she discovered that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating children with ASD, and while ABA is the most researched treatment for autism, one must understand its many applications to develop the most comprehensive program. 

After obtaining her BCBA in 2007, Amanda has continued her education by attending over 100 workshops and trainings on applications of ABA. In addition, she has received certifications in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), Professional Crisis Management Instructor (PCM), Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), and The Association Method.

Amanda has experience treating individuals aged 2 to adulthood and has consulted in a variety of settings including school districts, residential facilities, clinics, and in-home programs. She frequently presents on ABA and its applications throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia.

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Alison Hanley, BCBA 


Alison began her career working in in-home based ABA programs in Wisconsin in 2012 and completed her master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and BCBA certification in 2016. She has experience working with children from early childhood through adolescence and has worked with individuals across the spectrum.  

As Clinical Supervisor, Alison supervises our team of BCBAs and BCBA candidates in Illinois.  In addition, she provides support in the areas of programming, parent training, and supervision of registered behavior therapists (RBTs).  She frequently attends conferences and consults with other BCBAs to expand her knowledge and application of ABA and how to ensure the CABS team is continuously growing in our knowledge and applications of ABA .


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