Free Initial Consultation

Before we begin services, we like to meet our prospective clients to review our services, get to know about the child’s needs, and ensure that we are the best fit for your family. One of our BCBAs will schedule a time with you at your home or in our clinic to review our services and how we may be able to help.

We understand that every provider and client may not be a match.  We accept clients based on our likelihood of being able to successfully treat them based on the child’s needs and best fit with our available staff.  If we do not have the best fit from the beginning, we will recommend other trusted professionals we know will be a better match.

After the initial consultation, the intake process typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete before a set schedule of services can begin.

Intake Process


After inquiring about services, our CABS team will email you an intake application which includes information about our services, an application for services, and a verification of benefits form.  


Once the intake application is received, our team will verify your insurance benefits and reach out to you to schedule a time for an initial consultation and parent interview.  


This is an opportunity for us to share a little about our services at CABS and what an ABA program with us looks like.   At this time we also like to meet the client, gather a little bit of history,  and are available for any questions you may have about our services.


Once the intake consultation is complete, we will work with your insurance company to request an authorization for an initial assessment.  Typically, it takes 3-10 business days for your insurance company to provide authorization for assessment.  

5. Intake Assessment-CABS

Once the authorization is received, we will reach out to you to schedule an intake assessment.  This assessment occurs over 1-3 sessions in the home, clinic, or community setting.  Sessions typically last 60-90 minutes and are spread out over the course of a week.  During this time, we may ask to sit with you to review some questions regarding your child’s development.  BCBAs conduct all assessments but may be accompanied by a behavior technician to determine if they may be a good fit for your child’s team.

6. Review of Treatment Recommendations-CABS and ParENTS

Following the assessment, one of our BCBAs will set a time to review outcomes of the assessment, the treatment plan, and recommended service hours and treatment goals.  Treatment recommendations are based on evaluation outcomes and medical necessity. Once the plan is finalized, a request for treatment hours based on medical necessity is submitted to your insurance company for authorization.

7. Authorization for ABA Services-CABS

Once our team has reviewed the treatment plan with you we will share this plan along with request to begin ABA services to your insurance company.  Typically insurance companies respond with approval and authorization to begin services in 7-14 business days.  

8. Setting schedule-CABS and Parents

While we wait for authorization, our team will work with you to create a schedule based on your child's availably and recommended treatment hours.  Based on the outcomes of the assessments and your scheduling needs, we will create a team of behavior therapists and assign a BCBA to supervise your child’s program.

9. Starting ABA services

Services will start with team members getting to know your child.  The first couple of sessions with each team member will consist of playing, exploring your child's interests, and learning the finer points of how they communicate and what motivates them.   The BCBA will overlap with each behavior technician to ensure they are the right fit and that they are building a history of fun and trust with your child.