CABS Autism and Behavior Specialists, provides clinic, school, and in-home ABA and speech therapy services to families located in Northwest Illinois and Savannah and Rome Georgia.



of our RBTs are pursuing Master’s Degrees or BCBA certification


years average experience treating autism for each OF our BCBAs


average number of direct service hours our clients receive weekly


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CABS provides individualized consultation and therapy services to children and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Services are provided in the home, school, community, and clinic settings.  Using the guiding principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) our team works closely with you and your child to determine a treatment approach that will best meet your child and family’s needs.





CABS prides ourselves on quality programming that address not only communication and behavior deficits but core deficits related to autism.  Our programs look at remediating challenges related to motivation, flexibility, joint attention, perseverance, impulse control, and social interactions. Taking our clients' strengths and preferred learning methods into consideration, CABS creates environments where the child learns to love to learn.

CABS recognizes that our direct care staff determine the quality of our program and are critical to our client’s outcomes. Our full time, salaried, behavior technicians are credentialed RBTs who receive continuous training, hours of coaching weekly by our team of BCBAs and Speech Pathologists, and have made the commitment to a career in treating children with autism. Our BCBAs’ small caseloads allow them to provide quality supervision, including weekly parent trainings, supervision of RBTs, and co-treating sessions with other BCBAs to ensure clients are constantly progressing.  CABS owner and Program Director, Amanda Parker, brings over 20 years’ experience working with children with autism and reviews each client’s case regularly.


Creating an atmosphere of support for the child and their entire family is our goal. Parents are encouraged to understand what and why we are teaching by being activate participants in their child's treatment.  We know clients who make the most progress are those who have parents and caregivers who are active in the implementation of treatment plans.  Services are provided in clinic, home, and community settings to ensure that skills are generalizing and useful outside of therapy with the goal of no longer needing our support in the future.



Before we begin services, we like to meet our prospective clients to review our services, get to know about the child’s needs, and ensure that we are the best fit for your family.

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